Direct Jacquard AO-DJ

AO-DJ is attached to existing mechanical jacquard to control the jacquard loom electronically.

The strokes with the cam motion has provided very steady weaving.
The bimorph structure has realized weight saving and quiet operation and decreased bungles occured by appendant oil.
For mechanical jacquard needle pitch, we have commercialized Nishijin(5.13x5.13), Kiryu(4.94x4.94), Endless(5.2x 5.2), and Vincenzi(4x4).

*If you would like an estimate, please let us know the "No" and "number of hooks" of the corresponding jacquard from the list.
If the manufacturer name is different, select "NO" from "Needle pitch" and tell us the manufacturer name.

Punch card pitch(Needle pitch) by Manufacture

* The installation status can be seen in the video.