Monitoring System

1. It monitors the real-time weaving situation receiving signals from looms when interface base plates have been installed.
2. You can monitor real-time situations such as work, progress, stops and so on.
3. One relay receiver manages up to 250 looms.
4. All the looms that are monitored are displayed by colors in one display.
5. There are 24 necessary items which are customized and displayed as you like.
6. The List of monitoring situations can be printed out by CSV format.
7. It monitors up to 3 shifts around the clock.
8. Monitoring details are sorted by every item.

Schedule Monitoring System (Optional)
1. Finishing time of each good is automatically calculated using the operating speed and time of each loom.
2. Schedule is sorted by color into stages of finished, work in progress、and planning.
3. Input for planning is sorted by 6 different colors.
4. It's scheduled by 5min, 30min, 1hour, 3hour, 6hour and 12hourintervals.
5. Every loom and every shift has it's own calendar.
6. All the schedules can be printed out.

Stop Monitoring System (Optional)
1. Stop the loom's operation by a button in accordance to the reason you want it stopped.
2. There are 10 buttons.
3. There are 8 buttons for reasons to stop and the other two are to start and finish.
4. In case you forget to push the button you can input the reason why you stopped later.
5. The system tallies up the number of stops and the operation time in each loom's operating period.

Control system
1. The system can remotely stop the loom from office PC.